Welcome to Kaizen Ceramics

A Partnership Of Excellence

Kaizen Ceramics is a dental laboratory established in August 2000, owned by two partners, David Ashcroft and Katherine Silcock, whom actively practice as skilled registered technicians within the laboratory. A strong team ethic is evident both in the staff within the company and as a working relationship with our clients. Dentists choosing Kaizen have direct access to both partners to benefit from their expertise in product knowledge, suitability and case guidance.The word ‘Kaizen’ translates as ‘continuous improvement’ and is derived from two Japanese words; ‘kai’ meaning ‘change’ and ‘zen’ meaning, ‘for the better’, a philosophy that both David and Kate encourage for the entire organisation. Why Choose Private Dentistry?

A Guarantee Of Quality

Kaizen is committed to offering aesthetic, natural-looking results using quality, innovative materials and expert craftsmanship. Of no less importance is the function, durability and structural integrity of the restoration. Driven by the desire to achieve the highest standards, Kaizen manufactures its restorations in compliance with the Medical Devices Directive (MDA Reg No CA 006962), whilst also imposing its own rigorous quality controls. Kaizen offers peace of mind by offering guarantees on all private restorations.